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"We love, love, love Children's Corner!! Our daughter asks everyday if it's a school day because she loves her teachers and all of her friends she has made. She struggles with social anxiety so we were nervous with starting her in preschool at 3. We are so blessed that we found such a loving, caring place for her to feel comfortable going!"

The Bengtson Family

"Children's corner has helped our daughter to grow and learn in many fun ways. We loved the idea of our daughter not only learning academics but also about God. She loves going to school and my husband and I are happy to know she loves it!"

Victor and Jennifer Zamora/Parent

"Children’s corner has been such a great experience for my 3 year old boy. They are so open and loving towards him. He has learned a lot of new things and met new friends. Couldn’t have been a better experience for him! Thank you!"

Chad and Jessica Haugen/Parents

I would highly recommend Children’s Corner. I sent my daughter to Children’s Corner for 3 and 4 year old preschool. The teachers and staff were so wonderful.  My daughter loved going and still talks about her “church” school and teachers. I entrusted them with my most precious gift and they exceeded my expectation. We miss you!

The Peterson Family

"We sent our daughter to preschool for two years before she started kindergarten. Our hope was to help our daughter have more social experiences due to the fact that she's the only child at home. The reason we chose Children's Corner Early Learning was because it is a faith-based program. Meeting with Lindsey help secure our decision because of the warmth she extended, and by her words that 'the most important goal they have for the kids is to help solidify and know in their hearts that Jesus loves them'. It was exciting watching our daughters progression as she learns academically and socially throughout those two years. We appreciated the Biblical worldview that was sewn into the learning aspect taught by committed Christian teachers. They were caring and nurturing in every aspect. We were blessed that our daughter was treated individually, according to her specific needs,  by teachers that went the extra mile, which helped her to excel in a new environment. I believe this preschool was also instrumental in helping prepare her for kindergarten readiness. The only thing I wish I would've done differently would be to have enrolled her in full days instead of half days, to help prepare her (and me) to full day Kindergarten. We were truly blessed by Childrens Early Learning Center and still see the blessings from the things our daughter learned while there, including the wonderful friendships she made! We highly recommend the program, facility, teaching, teachers & teachers aids."

Dan and Karin Bonnema/Parents

"Just wanted to let you know how awesome your program is and how much we love it! My son was so excited to go to Preschool this morning. He was running ahead of me! You have done such an amazing job building Children’s Corner and have some awesome staff!"

Will and Katie Sordahl/Parents

"My son has been attending Children’s Corner for 2 years and our experience has been nothing short of amazing. We started him on his 3rd birthday.  I was hesitant to send him so young- but with a new baby at home- he needed friends and playtime and I needed time with baby!  I am SO thankful that Children’s Corner came into our lives at that moment. He absolutely LOVED attending school, and still does!  He has grown academically which is great- but we’ve noticed the bigger changes in him socially and spiritually.  This was always more of a priority to us!  He knows about Jesus.  He is learning how to share and be a good friend.  Honesty. And so much more!  I love that they learn through play and hands-on learning.  The teachers and helpers at Children’s Corner truly love each child.  My son always speaks highly of them!  They have helped him grow and mature in so many ways. Children’s Corner is a huge blessing to our family and our community."

Cole and Amy Erickson, Parents

"We are forever grateful for the impact children’s corner has had on our daughter and our family. She has blossomed from the tender, kind, loving instruction of all the staff she interacts with. We are so grateful that not only are her academic needs been nurtured but also just as important, the person that she is and the person we want her to become. The values that are important to us at home are also reinforced at preschool. Her knowledge of Jesus and love for Him has grown more than we ever could have imagined. That has also trickled into our family as she sings songs of praise and worship and shares her love of Jesus with us. We could not have asked for a better first school experience. Her teachers are amazing and she adores them. She looks forward to going every day and we are so grateful for all that they have done and continue to do." 

Matt and Beth Stark/Parents


My husband and I made the decision to enroll our eldest child into Children’s Corner following the birth of our twins. We wanted our then 3 year old to have a space that focused on him; a place for learning and growth during a big adjustment period in our house. Children’s Corner provided just that and more! Our son along with our entire family felt welcome from the start! The teachers provided our son with not only excellent education but love and support while at school. We could not recommend Children’s Corner enough!

Ryan and Mariah Dobmeier/Parents


"Our family has felt that the past two years at Children’s Corner has been an absolute blessing! Our son came in very shy and has grown into an outgoing young man. The teachers and support staff have been nothing shy of wonderful and have created a great learning environment for all students to learn and grow at their individual level. We think that all families should have this experience and would highly recommend this program to all who want an education that is biblically rooted, student centered, and learning through play!" 

Nick and Caylee Clasemann/Parents

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