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Things we LOVE about Children's Corner!


We strive to provide an environment that fosters growth and early development in our students.  This means consistently choosing materials and lessons that engage our students. 

Relationships are essential, and throughout our day we model and interact with our students in hopes to build strong relationships that show what it means to love one another and God. 

Our students and their families are our focus!  Our goal is to be as flexible as we can in order to support you and your family. We want to become a partner in your child's education and a support system for your family.  

For more information about what sets us apart hover over the photos below.

Each day our staff comes to school ready to teach and love your children.  Our staff are highly qualified.  We are proud of our staff and their dedication to education.  They are firm in their foundation of Christ and ready to help show His love to your most precious gift! 
We know that giving children a Christian foundation on which to build their lives is one of the most important opportunities we can provide.  We have Jesus time each day which includes learning bible stories, as well as songs and prayer. We also have worship and service chapel each month, but at Children's Corner we fuse biblical learning and spiritual, social and emotional growth with every part of our day!   
Our goal is to make sure that each student who leaves our program is ready for the next step of their education.  We focus on literacy, cognitive skills, and problem solving, while also ensuring our teaching methods are developmentally appropriate.  We know that each child grows and develops at their own pace in God's time and we embrace that timing.  Challenging each child while engaging their strengths.
Each day we try go outside with our students and enjoy the world God created.  Outside we dig, haul, scoop and more! However, we live in Minnesota, and for those extra chilly or rainy days we are blessed to have a large motor space indoors as well!  Our children climb, run, build, crawl, slide, tumble, and dance their wiggles out to start the day! 
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