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We have a lot of information listed below, however, if you can't find a service and are still in need please contact us.  We care for the families of our students just as much as the students we teach.  We know that it takes a village to raise a child and we would love to be a part of your village!

Pathway 1 scholarships


Our program accepts Pathway Scholarships.  Find more information by following the link below.

Bridge to Benefits


A project through the Children's Defense Fund.  This website will help you find a variety of information and assistance.

General overview of minnesota supports and services for families with young children

A great PDF full of financial support and assistance information!

Foreclosure and Mortgage Assistance

Help with mortgage or foreclosure can come from many different sources.  For a list of possible sources of help follow the link below.

Healthcare assistance


Minnesota offers many programs to help assist with healthcare costs. Follow the link below for more information

Heating and energy assistance


If your family needs help with heating costs or energy assistance look into the programs below.

Minnesota Family Investment Program

MFIP helps families with children meet their basic needs, while also helping parents become financially stable.

Transportation assistance- Ways to work Loan Program

If you are looking for help with transportation to work or financial assistance find more below.

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