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Our Programs


Baby with Toys

Opening April 2024

Beginning April 2024, we are blessed to begin serving the littlest blessings in our community.  Providing the infants of our community and their families a compassionate and engaging learning environment dedicated to forming secure and meaningful relationships, while also providing a safe and healthy space for them to grow!


Opening April 2024

We look forward to serving new families in our toddler program, opening April 2024. We are now taking registrations. 

Our toddler program will include children ages 16 months-33 months.  Our focus is providing children with safe high-quality childcare, that encourages intellectual growth and physical development, all while embracing them as a unique child of God.

Please contact us for more information and to enroll.

Kids in Daycare

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

Preschool Program

Our 3 year old students ask lots of questions and see the world with wonder. We allow kids to be kids as we help them learn through social interactions, imagination, and academic skill activities.

Some of the goals we have for this age:​

  • Plays cooperatively with others

  • Speaks clearly 

  • Identifies and copies simple shapes

  • Follows 2-3 step instructions

  • Copies letters

  • Knows colors

  • Can count to 10 rote and 1-1

  • Can identify own name in print


Preschool Days/Hours


  • Monday- Thursday ( 2 or 4 days)

  • Friday add-on available

  • September-May


  • Half days - 8-11:30am

  • Full days - 8am-3:30pm

  • Before and after care available at 7:30am and until 5pm

Pre-K Program

This program is for 4 and 5 year old students who are eligible for Kindergarten the following school year. This year is all about preparing them for the jump to Kindergarten socially, emotionally, physically, academically, and spiritually.

Our main goals for children in this area:

  • Knows and names most letters

  • Knows letter sounds

  • Uses future tense while speaking

  • Counts >10 objects

  • Draws a person with at least 6 body parts

  • Can write name

  • Can identify numbers 1-20


Pre-K Days/Hours


  • Monday-Thursday

  • Friday add-on available


  • Half days - 8-11:30am

  • Full days - 8am-3:30pm

  • Before and after care available at 7:30am and until 5pm


We have a very flexible enrollment schedule ranging from 2-5 days per week, all day, half day and extended care options.  Please call our center or complete the contact information form on our webpage for more information regarding your child's specific tuition costs.

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