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Our Story


In June of 1972, Willmar AG church had a vision to help parents set their children on the path toward the knowledge and grace of God by combining academic and Christian education in a program built for young learners.  After a brief reprieve, Children's Corner re-opened in 2017, staying true to our roots and using best practices to influence the growth of our preschool students. 


In the past several years since re-opening we have grown our enrollment and currently have room for up to 40 students from the ages of 3-5 everyday.  We pursue this program as a way to serve our community and have been discussing ways to impact our area, while sharing Christ's good news with the families in our community.  After much prayer, consideration, and planning, we are proud to add infants and toddlers to the mix in the spring of 2024.  We will have space for 8 infants and 14 toddlers in our program.  We know this growth is due to God's plan alone and pray that His plan for us continues to serve the families of our community.  We are honored to have the chance to help children grow in His grace and look forward to continued partnerships with families of young learners.


At Children's Corner Early Learning Center, we make it a priority to provide a well-rounded secular and religious education infused with Christian values and beliefs. We provide the advantage of learning in a diverse and nurturing community, where the process of teaching is tailored to each student.

Students at our school develop a rich spiritual identity, and move on to become self-confident and driven children with an eternal thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world they inhabit. We understand the importance of educating not just the mind, but the soul of each student.  We are humbled you are interested in our program and only want what is best for each child and family we have the honor of serving.  Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do to help you and your family!


Our curriculum seeks to provide students with: 

  • the opportunity to flourish into well-rounded adults.

  • create learning opportunities for lasting influences. 

  • embrace students' individual skills

  • encourage growth that is challenging yet attainable. 

We do this by providing hands on learning and play, to make learning fun, in order to help our students retain skills and knowledge.


Children's Corner uses the Funshine curriculum  This curriculum is faith-based and child-centered.  We use our curriculum to guide our teaching while dedicating ourselves to making sure we are meeting the needs of every child in our center.  We know God made your child unique and we are dedicated to meeting their needs each day.



Our assessment is the Funshine assessment, which partners with our curriculum, tracks child development, and is closely aligned with the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress. 


Our assessment helps us to guide our planning, making sure we are providing ample opportunities for our students to learn and grow their skills.


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