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Little Learners Class


Little learners is a class specially designed for children ages 28-36 months.  Children this are are learning and growing at an exponential rate.  The idea behind this class is to help foster the growth of our youngest learners in every way, while also meeting all of their needs.  We are so excited to welcome our little learners and their families to our school!


Our little learners are just beginning to look at the world around them with their beautiful and inquisitive imagination.  We want to encourage their learning and help them gain their first taste of independence!   

Some of the goals we have for this age:

  • begins to seek out play with others

  • enjoys new things

  • enjoys stories and asks for them

  • asks questions and speaks to others 

  • points to some shapes and colors

  • begins to look at the world around them and solve problems

  • follows simple instructions

  • begins to count out loud

  • seeks help when needed

  • begins to comfort self
  • can begin to recite songs and biblical stories


Our early learners class will meet on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8:00am - 11:30 am.  Our school calendar will follow the Willmar Public School calendar including delays and cancellations.  This 3.5 hour class period will be a great introduction to academic classroom experiences in a Christian setting and will have many opportunities for academic growth and peer socialization.  

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